We believe that good architecture starts with imagination

Van Bergen Architectura

1st prize Bintaro Design District 2023

Our architecture

Van Bergen Architectura designs sustainable, smart buildings that focus on the use of space.

What kind of projects suit Van Bergen Architectura?

  • Projects with a challenging complexity
  • Where the efficiency of space is central
  • The experience of space is important
  • You want to be surprised by beauty



Our approach

Van Bergen Architectura delves into the use of space as the basis of good design. We think about emotions appropriate to the use and let them influence our design. This is how we achieve a more layered architecture.

Focusing on routing, light and material, we create beauty in our buildings.

Together with the client we look for the right balance between ambition and feasibility, every euro must shine.

About Michael van Bergen

Michael graduated cum laude from the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam in 2016, for his project New Life for the Dead he was nominated multiple times. After 10 years working at renowned firms, Michael started his studio Van Bergen Architectura in 2016.

Besides the studio; Michael is an assessor at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam, a passionate lecturer at TU-Delft in wood construction and is active in various neighborhood participations for a more ‘livable’ city. Regarding writing, he is working on a book about modern crafts.


Van Bergen Architectura is a network studio. The studio consists of a collective of architects, urban planners, project developers, landscape architects and lighting designers. Within the studio an appropriate team is formed for each assignment with driven consultants and designers.

Currently we are collaborating in projects with:

RU+PA  |  MEESVISSER   |   FARO Architecten   |   Blau stedenbouw en landschap   |   Bedaux De Brouwer Architecten   |  TANK interior design agency   |   M3H Architecten   |    Heutink Groep   |    Budipradono Architects   |