Omah Nature

1st Prize_Expo Envisioning Nature, Jakarta

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1st Prize – Best Installation Bintaro District Design 2023 Jakarta

The Dutch pavilion won the first prize, (out of 70), for best installation at the Bintaro District Design Festival 2023 According to the curators, there was appreciation for the use of Indonesian ancient building traditions translated into contemporary “human” architecture. There is also appreciation for the process because I helped with the workers to learn more about the material and there “forgotten” building traditions.

A poetic pavilion to re-envision the elements of nature

We raise dikes and dams to resist water and let installations determine the climate in our buildings. In doing so, we deny nature a place, shutting it out instead of embracing it.

What would happen if we revisited the elements of nature, Water, Fire, Earth and Wind, as architectural design tools? 

With Omah Nature, we want to inspire the public to rethink their relationship to nature.

With our pavilion we want te audience to encourage the act of With our pavilion we want te audience to encourage the act of musing. The answer to life’s questions lurks on the horizon in this sense, view has a similar effect as fire: while staring at it, inner thoughts float by naturally.  In this reverie, we want to enchant the audience and make them see and feel the beauty of nature again, through the flickers of light created when water and sun meet with a touch of wind.

The beauty of nature


Public inspiration space




Bintaro Design District, Jakarta


Van Bergen Architectura

Architectuur support

Budi Pradono Architects, Jakarta


First Price Best Installation