Tower for Nature

Expo Envisioning Nature, Jakarta

Public building


Bintaro Design District 2023, Jakarta

Our pavilion has been selected to be part of the prestigious art and architecture event Bintaro Design District 2023 in Jakarta. This year’s theme is ‘Envisioning Nature’.

Bintaro Design District is a design event that connects the creative industry to the large public. Events such as OPEN HOUSE, OPEN ARCHITECTURE, DESIGN TALKS and 1:1 EXHIBITION are part of this festival in downtown Jakarta, Bintaro District.

A Poetic watchtower to re-envision the elements of nature

At a time when we are all confronted with news about extreme nature events, we want to inspire the public to re-envision the elements of nature. With our poetic, wooden watchtower we want people to see and feel the beauty of nature again, to find new ways for embracing nature’s elements.

We invite the audience to ponder and mesmerize while looking at the horizon, surrounded by the playful light created when water and sun meet with a whim of wind. 

Mesmerize by nature wonder

The watchtower will be made of timber, along with other plain elements (loam, corrugated iron, canvas and steel…). 

Raw materials

A international dialogue between architecture and nature

Using a timber construction also allows us to invite reflections on how in architecture, we can work with – rather than against – the threats and treasures nature has to offer. For instance, to tap into a current debate in the Netherlands, is the ambition to build more with timber the answer to future proof housing? If so, under which conditions, and how would this play out in Indonesian contexts context in high-density cities?? During our stay in Jakarta, we will explore these questions.

The event takes place 8-18 November 2023, Bintaro District, Jakarta, Indonesia.


Public inspiration space




Bintaro Design District, Jakarta


Van Bergen Architectura

Architectural support

Budi Pradono Architects, Jakarta

Artist Impressions

Rahma Fekiri