Public Lecture about Future Architecture _ Scenario Thinking

June 26, 2023 i will give a lecture about the benefits of using scenario thinking within the design process.
Students of TU Eindhoven organized an impressive symposium to show their work.
This symposium will be an introduction to one of the main themes which is applied in this master project, namely scenario thinking. It will start of with a lecture by Architect Michael van Bergen about scenario thinking in architecture and afterwards, dr. Jacob Voorthuis will give an introduction of this master project.
This project uses extreme scenario thinking to create a new vision of the world and society based on the initial influences of climate change. Here, nine students developed their own project with its own scenario and created architecture based on these scenarios. After the symposium, you are invited to join the opening of the exhibition which will be held on the fifth floor in Vertigo. #climatechange #lecture #architecture #scenariothinking #tueindhoven#vanbergenarchitectura