1st prize Best Installation BDD-EXPO 2023 Jakarta

The ‘Dutch’ pavilion won first prize. There was much appreciation from the curators for the use of ancient Indonesian building traditions translated into contemporary ‘human’ architecture. There was also appreciation for the process, as we worked with the workers, which allowed us to learn about local building materials and apply them in a modern way.

Pavilion ‘OMAH NATURE’ is our expression of the theme Envisioning Nature. Elements, fire, (sun), water, wind and earth were used as a design tool to bring nature and its beauty into the space in a as a visitor in a special way, with the aim of working together more and being kinder to our nature. 

** Last Saturday @rawarchitecture_best filmed for a short docu about the creation of the building. We all are very curious of the result 🙏❤️🙏 

To the curators; i’m super grateful that you believed in our project and give me the chance show the beauty of nature in architecture. 



– @tanzilhermawan 

– @dnnywcksn 

To the staff of –@bpa.institute you were amazing 🤩🙏🤩

To the sponsors; without you it wouldn’t have happened

– Dhr. Swinkels 

– CRUQ architectuur & stedenbouw


To the Dutch Builders; your handprint has made the difference.



To the Indonesian people; for your overwhelmentd support en enthusiasm towards this installation, we did it! ❤️❤️